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There are two ways to submit an event to the PDD Calendar. Neither of them are instant, so please submit your events as early as possible. The fastest way to get your event listed is to complete the form below and submit it. The second-fastest way to get your event listed is to send a news release or detailed message to You may try other methods, but we do not recommend them.

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(Format Example: 2013-11-04)
If your event occurs on multiple days but is essentially the same show each day -- like a play -- enter the date of the opening night above and outline the run dates in the details you provide in the larger field below. If your event occurs on multiple days but has different facets each day -- like a music festival -- please fill out a new form for each day of the event.
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Be clear and brief. This text will very likely be edited, so focus on getting the info correct more than using fancy descriptions to sell the event.
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